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Philosophy of the CPR Programme

The professional Certificate in Public Relations programme is designed to develop well-rounded and skillful manpower that will function effectively in the Nigerian society. The programme grounds the students in the theoretical and practical dimensions of Public Relations in Nigeria as well as comparative exploration of public relations practices and methods globally. The programme is intended to graduate students who can earn a living on their own and who can affect the Public Relations/Public Affairs and Corporate Communications industry positively.


The objectives of the professional certificate in Public Relations programme include:

  1. To  train skillful public relations professionals who can work efficiently in public and private organisations;
  2. To produce middle level public relations professionals who are equipped with skills clearly relevant to work and intended to facilitate entry or progression in employment or higher education;
  3. To produce well rounded middle-level public and corporate communications manpower who can combine the communication and management roles of public relations to service public and private organisations

The professional Certificate in Public Relations programme is designed to develop well-rounded and skillful manpower that will function effectively in the Nigerian society.

Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission, a candidate must possess any of the following qualifications:

  • A recognized University degree or Diploma in social sciences, arts and humanities or any other relevant discipline.
  • Professional Certificate / Diploma from institutions recognized by the Governing Council of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations for this purpose.
  • BEEC Foundation Examination in Public Relations with passes in five subjects.
  • GCE “A” Level in at least two subjects provided credit in English has been obtained at “O” Level or WASC, or SSS III Examination.
  • NCE/Grade II Teachers’ Certificate with at least five merits including English Language or its equivalent. (for this purpose, English Literature or General Paper is not a substitute for English Language).
  • OND or HND
  • Mature students with at least seven years of Public Relations experience.
  • London Chambers of Commerce Higher Stage passes in two other subjects, which may be Public Relations.
  • Candidates should have five credits at ‘O’ levels including English language and Mathematics.

    NOTE: In special circumstances, consideration will be given to those with professional experience in public relations experience who may not meet some of the above requirements.


    Exemption on a subject basis may be granted in relevant papers, which applicants may have written in other examinations that are acceptable to the Council of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations. This can be verified with the transcript that such applicant is mandated to submit.

    Delivery Methods

    The delivery mode for the Certificate in Public Relations programme shall be essentially through study packs to be purchased from the Institute and personal studies by the candidates. However candidates may, at their own cost, take advantage of facilities provided at NIPR accredited centres or schools to undergo special tutorials.






    Professional Certificate in Public Relations

    PART I

    GNS 101 Basic Communication Skills 2 Compulsory
    GNS 102 Nigerian History & Citizenship Education 2 Compulsory
    CPR 111 Communication Theories 2 Compulsory
    CPR 112 Principles of Public Relations 3 Compulsory
    CPR 113 Principles of Psychology 3 Compulsory
    CPR 114 Writing for the Media 3 Compulsory
    CPR 115 PR Media and Methods 3 Compulsory
    CPR 116 Entrepreneurship skills for PR & Business Management 3 Compulsory
    CPR 117 Quantitative Methods 3 Required Elective
    CPR 118 Nigerian Cultural Studies & Intercultural Communication 2 Elective
    CPR 119 Computer Applications for PR 2 Elective





    CPR 211 Economics 2 Compulsory
    CPR 212 PR for Government, Public Sector & Non-Profit Organizations 3 Compulsory
    CPR 213 Stakeholders Relations Management 2 Compulsory
    CPR 214 PR for Business & Industry 3 Compulsory
    CPR 215 Social Media for Public Relations 2 Compulsory
    CPR 216 Research & Evaluation in Public Relations 3 Compulsory
    *CPR 217 Protocols & Events Management 3 Compulsory
    *CPR 218 NIPR Laws and Public Relations Ethics 2 Elective
    CPR  219 Integrated Marketing Communications 2 Elective



    Credit Load

    Minimum of 16 Credit Units per diet            (3 diets)

    Maximum of 22 Credit Units per diet           (2diets)